Alexander Blake, M.A.
Member at Large

Alex Blake is an experienced social service professional with over fifteen years of frontline, and program management experience; whereby, he has been employed in a wide variety of service streams in both Canada and the United Kingdom.

Upon completion of his undergraduate degree at the University of Windsor, Alex went on to travel and work in the United Kingdom and garner professional experience within the programming areas of homelessness, mental health, and youth probation.  Alex was successful in completing his master’s degree in Criminology at the University of Leicester, and upon relocating back to Canada; he continued to successfully combine theory and practice towards building stronger and safer communities.  From 2006-2011, he worked as a Program Supervisor and Lead Recruiter for a private foster care agency; and since 2011, has been employed with the John Howard Society of York Region as a Program Coordinator.

Alex takes pride in being a father of two boys, tries his best to stay physically active, and enjoys culture and the arts.  Since 2005, Alex found himself coping with many generic, physical, and respiratory illnesses.  After ten years of coping with an unknown chronic illness, he was diagnosed with hypogammaglobulinemia – a form of Primary Immunodeficiency.  Alex volunteers his time with the Canadian Immunodeficiencies Patient Organization, which is an excellent complement to his service with the AIDS Committee of York Region.