• Let's Talk

    Let’s Talk

    So Wednesday January 31st 2018 was Bell’s ‘Let’s Talk’ day, a day surrounding the promotion of mental health communication and awareness. I wanted to see how the day went with this campaign and it turned out quite successful, […]

  • Canada’s top doctors say Undetectable = Untransmittable

    Canada’s top doctors say Undetectable = Untransmittable

    It’s official! The Government of Canada supports U=U, the consensus statement that a person living with HIV does not transmit the virus sexually if they take treatment and maintain an undetectable viral load (“undetectable = […]

  • Why it Matters

    Why it Matters

    It is a new year, and a lot of us tend to enter the new year with resolutions. Some last and work out, some don’t. Thing is, you can really make a resolution at any […]

  • Red for Change

    Red for Change

    I started here at the AIDS Committee of York Region back in the late Fall of 2014 and our organization was just preparing for a big move. I think it is safe to say that […]

  • Holiday Happiness

    It starts with a wish; well really, a need. It is an ask to help an individual or family living with or affected by HIV/AIDS get through the holiday season. This is a time of […]

  • Is this the end for HCV drug development?

    Is this the end for HCV drug development?

    The last seven years have seen a whirlwind of hepatitis C virus (HCV) drug development. Each new treatment is generally more potent than the last. The latest treatments approved for HCV in Canada include Maviret […]