Job Title: Member, Board of Directors
Position Type: Volunteer
Location: York Region, ON


The AIDS Committee of York Region (ACYR) is a community-based, non-profit organization that provides support, education and promotes access to dignified care for people living with HIV/AIDS and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Strategic Directions of ACYR

  1. Foster Resiliency
  2. Sustain our Organizational Wellness
  3. Strengthen our Financial Health

The Board of Directors of the AIDS Committee of York Region (ACYR) is the governing body and legal authority of ACYR. The responsibilities of the Board of Directors are to:

  • Approve the terms of reference of all board committees including standing and ad hoc;
  • Establish policy;
  • Hire and evaluate the executive director;
  • Secure adequate funding for the organization;
  • Monitor finances;
  • Create and update a long-range plan for the organization;
  • Select and support the organization’s board officers and periodically review their performances;
  • Adopt key operating policies and procedures; and
  • Approve contracts as appropriate.

Purpose and Role of a Board Member

To act as a voting member of the board with full authority and responsibility to:

  • Govern, not manage, the Agency, as it is the Executive Director’s responsibility to manage;
  • Develop policies, procedures, and regulations for the operation of the Agency;
  • Monitor the Agency’s financial health, programs and overall performance; and
  • Provide the Executive Director with the resources to meet the needs of those the Agency serves.

Individual Board Member’s Responsibilities and Requirements

  • Become knowledgeable about ACYR
  • Be sensitive to the social, political, and cultural factors affecting the organization
  • Become knowledgeable about Board governance including policy, finance, programs, human resources, fundraising, and community relations
  • Contribute to defining the Agency’s strategic directions and approve of its strategic plan
  • Attend and participate in all board meetings and activities including special events and board retreats
  • Come to board meetings well-prepared and well-informed about issues on the agenda
  • Participation in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other meetings of the membership
  • Contribute to meetings by expressing your point of view
  • Consider other points of view, make constructive suggestions and help the board make decisions that benefit those the Agency serves
  • Participation in at least one committee in addition to attendance at board meetings
  • Represent the Agency’s Mission in the community
  • Represent the Agency to individuals, the public, and other organizations in areas of education, support and advocacy
  • Support the organization through a personal financial contribution and/or support of and participation in fundraising activities
  • Assume board leadership roles when asked or necessary
  • Keep the Executive Director informed about any concerns the community has
  • Serve in the best interests of those that ACYR serves
  • In matters where there are diverse opinions among Board Members, consistently express the ACYR Board approved position rather than the personal view
  • Elect the Board Executive
  • Mentor new Board members
  • Review Board and self-reflect on own performance periodically
  • Review the bylaws, and recommend bylaw changes to the membership
  • Availability to serve the required term of office of a minimum of one (1) year


Board members are “trustees” of the Agency who approve an annual budget that ensures it can meet its financial needs. In addition, board members monitor the overall financial health of their organization by reviewing annual reports of an auditor recommended by the administrator. As a member of the Board of Directors, a Board Member acts in a position of trust for the community, and it responsible for the effective governance of the Agency.

The AIDS Committee of York Region promotes the principles of anti-oppression and adheres to the tenets of the Ontario Human Rights Code. We encourage applicants living with HIV/AIDS. We also encourage people of all races, ethnic origins, religions, abilities and sexual orientations.

Please forward letter of interest and resume highlighting relevant qualifications and experience. We thank all applicants. However, only those who are to be interviewed will be contacted. No telephone enquiries please.

Please submit application with subject line ACYR Board Member Job Application to:

AIDS Committee of York Region
10909 Yonge Street #203
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3E3