The Youth Sexual Health Action Committee encourages educating, advocating, and acting as a resource for youth (17 years- 24 years) in York Region with a focus on sexual health, harm reduction, and sex positivity.

We are a Committee of youth aged 17-24 representative of the diversity of York Region who are committed to sexual health promotion for youth.

YSHAC Objectives:

Individuals, community members, and service providers in York Region can connect with ACYR to:

  • To network with Committee members to share knowledge, best practices and resources
  • To raise awareness of sexual health needs of youth in York Region
  • To provide Committee members with necessary tools to promote STI and HIV awareness
  • To plan and develop a sexual health awareness campaign for youth in York Region

YSHAC Core Values:

We believe in:

  • Being trustworthy
  • Having open and honest dialogue
  • Accepting diversity
  • Having an approachable attitude
  • Promoting cultural sensitivity
  • Anti-oppression
  • Anti-racism
  • And last but not least, teamwork

How to get involved

To get more information about the group or to volunteer, contact the program coordinator:
Arpa Azmila
Women’s Community Development Coordinator
Tel: 905-884-0613, Ext. 202
Cell: 647-381-0378

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