ACYR is a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space where people can get dignified support and build a healthy and inclusive community.

safe support for hiv-aidsIf you are a person living with HIV/AIDS or seeking support for a friend or family member, here is what you can access:

  • A safe, inclusive, social space to engage with others
  • HIV supportive case management
  • HIV pre/post-test counseling
  • Treatment/medication adherence support
  • Language support
  • Transportation support
  • Food & nutritional support
  • Practical/emergency assistance
  • Peer learning & social groups
  • Leadership training
  • Health & wellness programs
  • Education fund
  • Holiday Wish List program


safe, inclusive space my houseIf you are a person who identifies with the LGBTQ2S community as well as their allies, here is what you can access:

  • Gather together in one of our Rainbow rooms and form social supports
  • An inclusive and safe space
  • Organize recreational activities
  • Access information and resources on services
  • Participate in volunteering and leadership
    development opportunities
  • A comprehensive collection of Queer literature and books is available at our Richmond Hill Rainbow Room that can be borrowed for personal use.


Connect with us at 905-884-0613 or email

All calls and emails are completely confidential.